Enterprise technology to expect in 2015

Opinion Edward Jones
Dec 18, 2014

Ed Jones on what exciting enterprise technology is coming your way in 2015

The enterprise technology sector is forever evolving; every year new technologies emerge while existing ones are re-imagined and upgraded.  Progression is driven ever onwards by an insatiable desire by businesses to drive revenue.   

Next year will be no different, so as future predictions continue to surface, I’m going to tell you about some of the enterprise tech you can actually expect in 2015.

Windows 10

October 1, 2014 saw the launch of the Windows 10 preview. PC experts and IT pros have been invited to join Microsoft on a journey, as they set about creating the best Windows yet. This includes an invite to check out Windows 10 enterprise edition for those wanting to shape the future of the OS for business usage.

Microsoft are currently working on new tools for IT pros to manage and administer Windows 10, as well as improved authentication and data protection. At present, Windows 10 is on track for launch early in the second half on 2015.

VMware VSphere 6

Back in August, attendees of VMworld San Franciso were disappointed after a ‘no show’ from the latest version of VMWare’s leading server virtualisation platform, vSphere 6. VMWare had already announced the vSphere beta programme on June 30 and many were expecting a glimpse of the new system at VMworld, it never materialised.

Unlike Windows 10, there continues to be little material filtering out about vSphere 6. Rumours continue to surface around new features like VSAN 2.0, a new version of vCenter for Windows and vSphere Web Client, and yet we have yet to catch a glimpse of the new platform expected early in 2015.

Skype for Business

Since Microsoft confirmed the takeover of Skype back in 2011, a business version of Skype was always going to be in the works. That dream will be realised in the first half of 2015 with the introduction of Skype for Business announced in late November.

This signifies the end of Microsoft’s Lync product line with the next version of Lync effectively becoming Skype for Business. We have been promised a new client experience, new server release and updates to the service in Office 365. The goal is to merge all of the best bits from Skype and Lync to build an altogether superior product.

12-Atom Memory Storage

For those that missed it, IBM have revolutionised the memory storage market with Atomic-scale magnetic memory. The computer you are working on currently stores one bit of data in about 1 million atoms. Through Atomic-scale magnetic memory, IBM researchers can store one bit of data in just 12 atoms. I cannot understate the importance of this discovery.

Putting it into perspective, this increases data density 100x more than today’s hard disk drives. It means more storage in a smaller space and in practical application; you can now contain an entire library of movies and music in a tiny pendant around your neck.

Although currently contained to the IBM laboratory, the launch of hard drives adopting Atomic-scale magnetic memory is expected in late 2015.

So there we have it, some exciting enterprise technology coming your way in 2015, and not just fuzzy rumours about something that might exist one day in a galaxy far, far away.


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