InfoSec 2014: Government and industry must work together to protect against cyber threats

Apr 28, 2014

Greater collaboration between industry and government needed

In a report released by Infosecurity Europe, the company warns that long-term strategies are necessary to combat evolving cyber threats. The report, Information security: From business barrier to business enabler, also highlights the disconnect between government and industry in relation to intelligence sharing.

The report, which surveyed 1,149 information security professionals, suggests that more work needs to be done to strengthen government’s position as a source of information on potential threats, as well as more effective collaboration between government and the information security industry to protect businesses from future cyber threats.

According to Brian Honan, founder & CEO, BH Consulting, this is an issue that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

“We need industry and government to work together in ensuring a strategic approach is taken to enabling companies and citizens to be more aware of the threats to their data, to educate them in how to deal with the threat, and finally how to work together at national and international level to tackle the threats we face,” he says.

The importance of data security has moved up the agenda, possibly as a result of the media spotlight on cases such as the Snowden revelations, but almost half (47.4 percent) of respondents believe that the industry suffers from a lack of long-term planning. Information security professionals also state that boardroom recognition needs to improve with 46.7 percent stating that it has not been easier to make their business understand the challenges they face as a result of the leaks, despite 58.6 percent believing the Snowden affair has helped their business understand the potential threats.

“The complexity of today's threat landscape is beyond the capability of any one company or country to successfully counter on their own. Experience shows there’s clearly more work to be done until businesses understand the importance of information security to long-term strategy. This challenge, combined with the groundswell of data, supports the need for immediate change. Part of this change requires better sharing of information between government and industry,” says David Cass, senior vice president & chief information security officer, Elsevier.

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