Azzurri launches mobile enterprise division

Jan 09, 2014

Azzurri’s new Mobile Business Unit to provide customers with integrated mobile offering

Azzurri Communications, provider of managed communications services, has launched a Mobile Business Unit to evolve mobile operations.

Heading up the division is former Telefonica and BT executive Richard White (pictured).

Recognising the move towards business practices – email, conferencing, internet etc – on mobile devices, Azzurri is aiming to lead the integration of mobile and client computing strategies through its new Mobile Business Unit.

Leveraging the company’s mobile solutions portfolio and convergence skills, the unit will deliver solutions to combine smartphones, tablets and PCs into one infrastructure. This will allow businesses to connect its workforce through the devices, network, platform and applications.

According to Azzurri CEO, Vim Vithaldas, almost two-thirds of businesses anticipate that a mobile device will be the main productivity tool within the next three years. The introduction of the Mobile Business Unit will ensure an integrated approach for the delivery of IT services required to deal with this radical shift.

The ultimate aim of the unit is to provide innovation for customers by reducing costs, enhancing agility, driving operations change and serving new ways of working, says the firm.

“Most businesses understand that there are opportunities to enhance their customer interactions and workforce productivity through tablets and mobile applications, but they need help to adapt to this opportunity,” says White.

“Azzurri already has the managed service capability, development capability and necessary MDM products for security, management, and integration.”

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