VMware launches Horizon suite

News Will Garside
Feb 21, 2013

Better integrated and lower cost than Citrix equivalent, says firm

VMware (NYSE:VMW) has launched Horizon Suite which combines its existing View desktop virtualisation, Mirage image layering management solution with a new Horizon Workspace solution to integrate the allocation of data, applications and desktops.

VMware claims the solution offers an single platform to support the mobile workforce and provide a centralised location for IT services to be easily provisioned, managed and delivered to end-users.

According to Brian Gammage, chief market technologist for VMware, the new suite can solve the challenge of managing IT in a world where users have more choice in their computing device. Instead of IT admins trying to manage each device and application individually, Horizon instead manages “the point of connection”. In simple terms it provides “single sign-on, an application catalogue and a policy engine” to allow IT departments to deliver applications and SaaS that is agnostic of the underlying device.

According to Gammage, the rest of the industry is moving towards this any app on any device mind-set but unlike rivals such as Citrix, VMware has built all of its technology as an integrated stack instead of trying to bolt on acquisitions and just, “putting it all in the same box” without true integration.

The technologist also highlights a significant cost advantage compared to rivals such as Citrix with VMware Horizon suite priced at around £200 per user before channel discounts. This is compared to “considerably more” expensive rivals that Gammage describes as theoretically comparable but less technically capable solutions. For the channel, the new Horizon suite will use the existing Desktop certification and accreditations which will be updated to include Horizon content.

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