Resellers: Distributors could do better

News Christine Horton
Feb 20, 2013

Nearly 40 percent of European resellers think distributors could do better, says report

There is huge room for improvement in the relationship between distributors and resellers, according to findings from analyst firm Context.

The latest ChannelWatch survey report nearly 40 percent of resellers in Western Europe think the service they get from their main distribution partner could improve.

47 percent of resellers think the service they get from their main distributor is ‘good’, 32 percent describe it as ‘satisfactory’, and seven percent say they receive a ‘poor’ service.

“If more than a third of resellers feel the service they get from their distributor is satisfactory and no better, then they are candidates for switching their business to elsewhere,” said Context CEO, Howard Davies, speaking at the DISTREE EMEA conference in Monaco.

“There’s a lot of opportunity within distribution to provide services which attract resellers.”

Resellers compiled a wish list of number of things they’d like to receive from their disties, and interestingly, after price promotions, training topped the list. “There are a lot of technologies coming though, like cloud and new mobility platforms, and resellers have an issue keeping up and abreast of how they can take these technologies out to their customers,” comments Davies.

Those questioned also cited product availability and speed of delivery as crucial to their business.

The ChannelWatch survey questioned 1,725 decision makers from resellers across Europe.

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