Fujitsu claims channel growth at expense of HP and Dell

Jan 17, 2013

“Who else is there for the long term?” asks Keegan

Fujitsu has seen its UK channel sales revenues grow by 120 percent over the last 24 months – prompting its Technology Products Group’s executive director, Michael Keegan, to describe the firm as “a safe pair of hands”.

The vendor (PINK:FJTSY) has seen a jump in monthly transacting partners from around 600 to 800 in the last year alone, and an increase in overall enterprise server market share from “less than one percent” to more than four percent and increasing, with much of the impetus gained over the last three quarters.

Keegan points predominantly to HP, and to a lesser degree Dell, partners for the influx, claiming they’re starting to question the stability of both firms within the enterprise desktop PC and server market. Fujitsu has also seen a switch in its revenue steam with three quarters now coming from the channel compared to a “reversed position” in 2010.

The firm has also grown its channel team by 20 percent in the last six months, with a total of 72 personnel now working in dedicated channel development roles.

In addition it has ramped up certification, which had been stagnant, and now boasts 12 expert accredited partners from none a year ago.

Although bullish, Keegan admits that on the volume lists compiled by the likes of IDC, it is still a long way off HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo, but believes playing in the B2C market was never its intention and won’t be its focus for 2013.

“The story we are trying to get out is…nobody is trying to buy us,” he says, highlighting the troubles HP had last year in supposedly offloading its PC division and the current rumours surrounding Dell’s acquisition via a private equity firm. “The traditional players are strategically challenged…Do they have a long term commitment to the channel?” he questions.

Although Keegan concedes that the traditional PC market is in decline, the arrival and ramp up of both Windows 8 and Microsoft Office could potentially provider a boost. In his view, the enterprise PC and server space is becoming less of two horse race and channel partners need to “ask the question” as to who they need to partner with for the longer term.


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