Computer 2000 gears up for Windows 8 tablet sales surge

Nov 09, 2012

Computer 2000 launches dedicated Windows 8 website for resellers

In anticipation of a surge in sales of Windows 8-based tablets, distributor Computer 2000 has launched a dedicated Windows 8 website to help resellers and retailers get up to speed on Microsoft’s new touch-enabled operating system.

The website includes demonstration and sales videos showing the features and benefits of the new system and resellers can also enter a competition to win a Windows 8 tablet.

Comments James Reed, director PC systems and software at Computer 2000: “As you’d expect, the wave of new tablets and convertibles are getting a good deal of attention, but we are also seeing a lot of interest in the new all-in-one PCs that some vendors have released – from the education and public sector, but also for deployment in call centres finance, retail and other vertical sectors where quick, slick, point-and-go operation is exactly what’s needed.”

Reed adds that despite it being early days, the firm expects to see “plenty of activity” on both the consumer and commercial products as new tablets and AiOs come into stock over the coming weeks.

He says he also expects many businesses and public sector firms to start re-evaluating their current estates as a result of the Windows 8 launch. “The recent wave of developments has given IT departments and businesses many more options in terms of the type of device they can deploy now. Not just standard form factor desktops and laptops, but thin clients, virtual desktops, ultrabooks and a whole variety of tablet devices. Cloud-based apps and services are giving them more options with regard to software, and we’ve seen a progression of the operating environment at both the server and desktop levels.

“With all these options, IT managers and SMBs are going to start examining their options for the future. It’s a good time to be talking to customers about strategic planning.”

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