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Will Garside is a freelance contributing editor for Channel Pro, a published author and IT journalist with more than 17 years experience across web, print and broadcast media. He wears his techie badge with pride, and loves talking technology with anyone who’ll listen.

There’s also very little Will won’t do for some beef jerky.


Recent articles by Will Garside

Lenovo and Nutanix agree partnership

Will Garside

Lenovo deal boosts Nutanix hyperconverged channel play

Hyper-V: A quick guide for the channel

Will Garside

What is Microsoft Hyper-V, how does it compare to VMware and what are the opportunities for virtualisation in 2015?

Flash vs. SSD: What's the difference?

Will Garside

A look at the technologies and the main players

EMC acquisition: Is it a good deal for Dell?

Will Garside

Will Garside ponders the prospective partnership, and the potential for the channel

Spectra Logic: Tiers and technology offer archive promise

Christine Horton Will Garside

SMR, LTO-7 and S3 Gateway innovations offer technology uplift to enable channel to keep tape as a credible storage evolution

OpEx vs CapEx: Why it's not a clear cut decision

Will Garside

OpEx-based IT consumption is growing in popularity - but don't rule out the old fashioned CapEx sale

VMware: channel business as usual, despite acquisition talk

Will Garside

VMworld: VMware "not changing anything" in midst of acquisition talk, but does unveil product updates

Outsourcing: The advantages and disadvantages

Will Garside

Does IT outsourcing really deserve its bad rap? Will Garside weighs up the benefits

Ipswitch reveals channel growth plans

Will Garside

Ipswitch grows channel ahead of possible security vendor rebrand

Computacenter launches storage testing service

Will Garside

Load Dynamix deal enables ComputaCenter storage testing as a service

Battle of the giants: HP vs IBM vs Cisco

Will Garside

Will Garside compares the vendors' product roadmaps, and their partnering potential

Understanding Big Data

Will Garside

Everyone's talking Big Data. But what are the opportunities for the IT channel?

G-Cloud: A quick guide

Will Garside

Updated: Our handy guide to the Government's G-Cloud initiative

Managed Service Providers: A quick guide

Will Garside

With more resellers adopting a managed services model, how can they stand out in a crowd?

Software Defined Networking: A quick guide

Will Garside Clare Hopping

Is SDN a game changer? Yes. Is it a game changer like virtualisation? Will Garside is sceptical.

Software Defined Storage: A quick guide

Will Garside Clare Hopping

Will Garside provides a list of the runners and riders in the highly valued Software Defined Storage space

VMworld: Cloudy with a great chance for the channel

Will Garside

VMworld Europe highlights how far the virtualisation giant has come in offering a credible cloud strategy that aims to embrace channel

PC Gaming: A quick guide for the channel

Will Garside

Gamer Will Garside gets to grips with the gaming opportunity for the channel

Software defined storage & networking: A quick guide for the channel

Will Garside

Will Garside cuts through the 'software defined' hype to see what it really offers the channel

Google and Microsoft: the evolution of cloud programmes

Will Garside

With vastly different partnering models, Will looks at the changes Google and Microsoft have both made to their channel programmes


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