• Christine Horton

    Christine Horton is senior editor of Channel Pro. She has 18 years’ experience in B2B publishing, for the most part specialising in telecoms and IT journalism. She has covered the IT channel in depth for the past 10 years, and launched the industry’s first website-only resource, Channel Pro, in 2009.

    Christine is keen to highlight the business issues that affect the UK IT channel, and offer useful advice in the form of expert opinion pieces, blogs and top tips as to how it can make more money from selling technology.

    She likes spicy food, live music and crime novels (not necessarily in that order.)

  • Joe Curtis

    Joe Curtis is deputy news and analysis editor for IT Pro and Cloud Pro and has previously worked for Computer Business Review. He has written on a variety of technology subjects, including enterprise software and security, public sector IT, cloud computing and cryptocurrencies.

  • Will Garside

    Will Garside is a freelance contributing editor for Channel Pro, a published author and IT journalist with more than 17 years experience across web, print and broadcast media. He wears his techie badge with pride, and loves talking technology with anyone who’ll listen.

    There’s also very little Will won’t do for some beef jerky.

  • Monica Heck

    Monica Heck is a bilingual freelance journalist and copywriter based in Dublin, Ireland and working internationally.

    She has been ‘in tech’  for nearly 15 years, in marketing before training as a journalist. Monica writes about broadcast, proAV and IT in print and online. Aside from technology, she loves reading and writing about business, art, science and music.

    Her confusing Swiss-Irish genetic mix makes her the most organised laid-back person you’ll ever meet.

  • Clare Hopping

    Clare Hopping has been writing about technology for ten years, with topics ranging from printed and disposable electronics, to telecommunications, IT and consumer matters. She's worked on a number of high-profile projects for software platform providers and is a regular contributor to Channel Pro's sister titles IT Pro and Cloud Pro.

  • Edward Jones

    Edward Jones work for Firebrand Training overseeing community engagement. Having worked in the industry for three years, Edward has experience with a range of Microsoft technologies and operating systems. Edward writes for a variety of blogs and technical publications on all things technology.

  • Donagh Kiernan

    Donagh Kiernan is founder and CEO of Tenego Partnering, a business development services company providing hands-on international partner sales channels development for growing and established software product companies.

  • Leo King

    Leo King is an experienced journalist who currently writes for a variety of publications including the Financial Times and a number of magazines. Prior to this he was a News Editor at publisher IDG, and he has been published in the Daily Telegraph, Times, Guardian, Mirror, Express and The Independent.

  • Jane McCallion

    Jane McCallion is Senior Writer & Special Reports Editor for IT Pro and Cloud Pro.

    Jane primarily covers security, storage, networking and cloud for IT Pro and Cloud Pro both from a news and features perspective. Jane joined IT Pro and Cloud Pro in July 2012, having previously written freelance for a number of business and finance magazines. She has also covered current affairs, including the student, public sector workers and TUC protests and strikes in central London while studying a Masters in Journalism at Goldsmiths, University of London

    Prior to becoming a journalist, Jane studied Applied Languages at the University of Portsmouth.

  • Rene Millman

    Rene Millman is a freelance writer and broadcaster who covers the channel, mobile technology and the cloud. He has previously worked as an analyst for IDC and Gartner covering the infrastructure market. He has made numerous television appearances to give his views and expertise on technology trends and companies that affect and shape our lives.

  • Mark Samuels

    Mark Samuels is a business journalist specialising in IT leadership issues. Formerly editor at CIO Connect and features editor of Computing, he has written for various publications and organisations, including IT Pro, Cloud Pro, ZDNet, Computer Weekly, BCS, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Guardian Government Computing and Times Higher Education.

  • Adam Shepherd

    Adam Shepherd is a staff writer for IT Pro and Cloud Pro, and has previously written for PC Pro, PC Advisor and GamesRadar. He covers both business and consumer technology, but has a particular love for all things gaming, and is paying special attention to the emerging VR market.

  • Daniel Todd

    Daniel Todd is a freelance writer and contributor to Channel Pro, with experience producing a wide range of informative media. A keen follower of developing technologies, he is particularly interested in how these advancements can aid the creative industries. Aside from the written word, he is a musician and general sports enthusiast.