Part 1: 2013 Networking and Infrastructure predictions

Advice Will Garside
Dec 24, 2012

What do the industry experts believe will be critical in the networking and infrastructure space 2013?

More clouds with clearer SLAs

Marcus Jewell, UK country manager for Brocade, suggests we’ll see more and more non-IT organisations embracing Cloud in 2013: “Last year we predicted that non-IT organisations would move towards ‘Cloud Service Provisioning’ in order to uncover new ways of optimising and monetising cloud and service provider networks. For the next 12 months, we see this trend continuing, but in an evolved state, scrutinising the impact of the cloud, its benefits, usage and ROI more than ever before.”

So with more organisations moving toward services, will this mean more protracted contract negotiations? “Service level agreements are the lowest common denominator,” is the view of Dom Monkhouse, SVP Customer Experience, Peer 1 Hosting. “They are contracts that serve simply to allow the provider to be slow and lazy and frustrate the customer. Companies that manage to SLAs are going to be seen in the context of those that don't and share their performance. Transparency is the key – everyone wants a fair and open deal, so expect to see more companies doing away with SLAs.”

The mobility movement needs IPv6

It clear that services at the infrastructure level are growing in importance, but there is another driver as efforts to transition to IPv6 increase. “Moving to IPv6 is a gargantuan effort -- it requires massive infrastructure modifications, constant testing, and a level of industry-wide cooperation, coordination, and partnership that has never occurred before,” comments Reuven Harrison of Tufin Technologies.

In his view, 2013, we will witness the formation of “IPv6 islands” within larger IPv4 networks. These pure IPv6 subnets will help the industry to mature. More vendors will support IPv6 and network engineers will gain knowledge about architecture, routing, and security. Human and financial resources will be dedicated to moving IPv6 forward. It will be a year of significant experimentation and learning.

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