About Us

Channel Pro fits perfectly into the highly successful Dennis Publishing portfolio of technology titles, providing a complete circle of coverage to the ICT industry. It is targeted at distributors, resellers, systems integrators, consultants and everyone involved in the IT channel.

From the same group as www.itpro.co.uk, www.pcpro.co.uk and www.computershopper.co.uk, Channel Pro offers visitors news, analysis and industry comment on the issues affecting their business today. Channel Pro is a one-stop-shop for the channel community.


Dennis Publishing’s technology brands focus on delivering consumer-focused product and technology coverage to the final part of the purchase lifecycle, the end user who purchases a single product from a reseller. Channel Pro sits on top of this final transaction, providing related technology and business coverage about the products being sold in order to aid and educate those responsible for selling, stocking and distributing them. Instead of focusing on the buyer of one item, the focus will be on the people and companies responsible for buying thousands of items into retail chains, the distributors who facilitate that transaction, the manufacturers who make the products and build working relationships with and incentivise the retail and wholesale sectors, and with the people responsible for making the final sale at the coalface.


With a web-only journalist team, news and events are updated as they happen. The site is headed up by Channel Pro Editor Christine Horton. For more details visit our Contact Us page